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2017-10-12 - review washing machine

There is a review of my washing machine browser extension/addon in a comment of a github bug report by the user 'grahamperrin':
"Last but not least: washing machine, which is my favourite because it makes me cackle like an loony; and takes me way back to the 1970s when, as a child, I spent hours on end sitting on a concrete step meditatively watching a Philco Ford washing machine in our outhouse. Round, and round … and stop. And round the other way, and again … and stop. Boil washes were the best. Naturally I had no concept of electricity costing money, and when the UK enjoyed its weekly power cuts the family would sit at the back window staring happily at the sky, and so on. Lightning-filled evenings were the most memorable."

You can get the extension/addon for Chrome/Chromium here.
You can get the extension/addon for Mozilla Firefox here.

More information about my browser extensions/addons you can find in the ILU-zine #8.

The github bug report comment